Three months after the SearchUnify Community became generally available, we are happy to announce that it is now 200+ members strong. An enormous thanks to everyone for their support. What an amazing journey the past three months have been. Let’s have a look at the major milestones. 1 out of 5 Ideas Delivered Each of you have helped us—in the form of ideas, tickets, and discussions; launch a successful Mamba ‘21, a good part of which is packed with features picked straight from the Ideas section. In fact, one in five ideas posted in the Community is already a part of the standard release, the others are either in active development or consideration. First Delivered Idea: Need Reporting for More than 31 Days Dozens of Healthy Discussions Discussions make the Community truly interactive because instead of being passive readers, the users are active participants. We are thrilled to see both the number of discussions and participants growing. Until now the most popular discussion on the community is What to look forward in Mamba 21. More than 80 Resolutions Documented Finally, the ever growing Knowledge Base now hosts more than 80 articles. The KB articles are created from ticket resolutions, discussion outcomes, and sometimes your unique needs. The most viewed KB article on the community so far is: Generate a Sitemap from URL LOC and Last Modified Lastmod Attributes. None of this could have been possible without the passion and enthusiasm that each one of you have shown. Stay engaged!