Use Regex in Keyword Boosting to Handle Query Inflexion



  • Christie Morin
    This is great to know about. Would be great to use Regular Expressions in the search as well, see idea:
  • Kasey Rubenstein
    I'm confused by examples for the . operator and the | operator. Wouldn't reali.ze be read as realiaze, realibze, realicze, realidze...? Also wouldn't realize[s|z]e be read as realizese, realizeze?

    Another question: Is it possible to use regex to account for the order of the words in the search? To use your example, would there be a way to also capture "checkbox adding"?
  • Lynette Ledoux
    Does Regex have an AND operator? This article pictures Regex keyword tuning with the example "Data && Protection." Is this the AND operator? The article doesn't include a list of examples, and there is no AND operator in the chart here.

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