ChatGPT: A Substitute for Human Intelligence ?



  • Avik-Seth

    Michael Torok, eager to hear your views on this.

  • Michael Torok
    Rising star (Silver)

    Hi Avik,

    I see the future of ChatGPT more aligned with the chatbot space and the search space, where it can search through a business' resources for 'known good' solutions to provide answers in a human-like way. The source of knowledge will need to remain human generated and that is how 'known good' is understood and recognized. 

    I would like to see a ChatGPT-like experience linked to and take the place of the flowcharting used in bots to find answers. This will save time and money and frustration on both the agent and customer/searcher side.

    On a larger scale, using the internet as a source, I think ChatGPT is more prone to provide false information that cannot be sourced to 'known good' materials. The internet is full of half truths and falsities that the LLM will not be able to discern.

    Will it take the place of human interaction in truly difficult situations where understanding the hand-on problem is necessary? I don't think so. That is actually one of the places ChatGPT will work more like a a deficient car manual (just enough information to get you into trouble and not get you out). 

    For example, I was having difficulty finding sources to add to a client in SU and asked ChatGPT. It was not able to tell me where in the product I had gone astray, just the scenario in which I should have found myself--not the one I did find myself in. 

    Just my .02



  • Mandeep Singh

    Thank you for your insights on the future of ChatGPT and its potential applications Avik-Seth

    I agree with Michael Torok that ChatGPT's capabilities are more aligned with the chatbot and search spaces, where it can efficiently search through known resources and provide answers in a human-like way.

    I also acknowledge Michael's concerns about the potential for false information from the internet being provided by ChatGPT. It's important for users to exercise critical thinking and verify information obtained from ChatGPT with trusted sources. It's important to recognise that while ChatGPT has its strengths, it is not meant to replace human work entirely.

    Instead, it can complement and enhance human capabilities, saving time and resources in certain tasks. Human judgment, creativity, and emotional intelligence are unique qualities that cannot be replicated by ChatGPT. The future of ChatGPT is likely to involve collaboration between humans and AI, leveraging the strengths of both to achieve better outcomes.



  • Ramkrishna Agrawal

    Hi Michael Torok

    I completely agree with your views. AI in any form can expedite the work of humans by allowing them to remove noise so that they can focus on things/issues which machines can't do. We also are working towards solving the problem of flowcharting by bots to find an answer and hopefully very soon we should be able to have this in SUVA. 





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