Search Adoption - Still a struggle?



  • Divanshi Arora

    sahana @... roxanne_hoare Would love to know your thoughts about the same. 

  • roxanne_hoare

    Hi Divanshi Arora

    Totally agree for greater adoption providing training (live/recording) explaining the benefits and showing how easy it can be is key. And incorporating demonstrations in every opportunity you can to show off its ability. 
    Our customers took to it pretty well in the community but after every webinar we do we get lots of feedback saying they learnt something new. 

    For our internal team members our veterans were slow to change and needed tips for how to write search terms etc to gain better results. For our newbies it has become part of the onboarding experience so the adoption is certainly on the increase. 

  • Divanshi Arora

    roxanne_hoare - This makes complete sense. It is insightful to read and understand how self-service can embark on completely different journeys for employees vs. customers or partners. 


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