Please find release notes for recent enhancements and updates in the community. 1. Case Form Pre-filled text in the Description field: As per Support team's suggestion, we have added pre-filled text in Description field of the Case Form. Idea is to capture as much details at the time of case creation so that back and forth between Support team and users is minimized. Content Source - Mention the content source. Write "NA" if this is not relevant to the case Search Client - Mention the search client, URL preferred. Write "NA" if this is not relevant to the case Product Version - Mention the current version, for example - Mamba 21, Colubridae 20 2. Digest Email We have updated subject of the Digest email to the format “Community Digest | Date Month, Year”. In case you're not subscribed to the Digest, please go to Settings section and enable it from there. 3. Community Functions Fixed notifications error on home page: Many of the users had reported that notification counter was not functioning properly. Notification count would not decrease, despite a user having read the notifications. Its been fixed in this release Added labels for Last Reply to posts: We have added a new label of "Last Reply" to the posts. This will help users to distinguish between the actual date when post is created and the last replies on the post.