Report on "top search queries without result"

  • Can I take out "misspelled words" from this list as compared to terms which do not actually have relevant search results? This will be more useful for me to understand which content is missing.

  • @PatrickVDH Rightly said, a regular spellcheck would not consider organisation specific keywords while detecting misspelled keywords. So when we are detecting misspelled words, we need to first train the model from list of organisation specific keywords. These keywords can easily be detected from crawled content itself.

  • what would that look like? Would you mark each word in the list as a misspelled word to identify it? I think if there was a way to mark the misspelled versus the correctly spelled terms (we use a lot of term for instance for code and product names that a spellchecker would identify as misspelled) rather than using a spell checker then this might be useful.

  • I don't think this exists as of now. But, you can definitely raise a feature request for this.

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