Configure Search results Summary, Metadata fields

  • Problem Statement

    How to increase the number of lines to display more Summary and Metadata lines on a search results page?


    How to add the Collapse/Expand functionality with Summary field?


    Reported product version Mamba '20
    Resolved in version Mamba '20
    Module Search Client


    The number of Summary and Metadata lines on a search results page can be increased from the Admin Panel. Here are the steps:

    1. Go to Search Clients.
    2. Open a search client for editing and go to the Designer tab.
    3. In the Search Results Page tab, go to CSS and find the class .su__meta-date .su__meta-row.
    4. Change the value of the variable max-height in the class. For example, you can set max-height to 6 instead of the default 3.
    5. Click Update.
    6. Refresh your search client to verify the changes.


    To add the button Show More and Less on a search results page, please reach out to Searchunify Support team.

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