"Searches With Clicks" and "Clicks" Analytics data.

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    Which report captures the details about searches where clicks were made? Why the number mentioned under "Clicks" and "Searches with Clicks" are different?


    Admin wants to compare the data in specific sections of Search Analytics to see if they all add up. The count of Searches With Clicks under Conversion tab of Search Analytics and total number of Clicks under Overview tab (Tiles data) doesn't match.
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    Reported product version Mamba '20
    Resolved in version Mamba'20
    Module Search Analytics


    There are 2 different metrics used to measure Clicks in the SearchUnify admin, namely "Searches with Clicks" (Also called as Search Conversions) and "Clicks".

    The two metrics compared may not be equal because 'Searches with Clicks' shows the number of times a particular query was searched which led to a conversion, whereas 'Clicks' shows the total of conversions (clicked documents). Since there can be a more than one conversions (clicked documents) for the same keyword, the count of 'Searches with clicks' tends to be less than 'Clicks'.

    Example: A user searches for the query Mobile Phone once in a session and clicks 5 different documents. In this case, the number of Searches with Clicks is 1 and the number of Clicks is 5.

    A user can download the total "Clicks" from "Top Clicked Search Results" report under "Conversions" tab of Search Analytics as shown below.

    Clicked Search Results.png

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