We often see users add an extra, single space between words that are common in our industry or knowledge domain. Rather than create synonyms for these, which causes a lot of unintended search results, I'd like to know if SearchUnify can better handle these? Here are some real examples from recent searches, where the first word is what we typically use in content, and the word after => is how the user searched. antispam => anti spam autoprotect => auto protect cleanwipe => clean wipe database => data base liveupdate => live update tablespace => table space Based on these examples, the challenge is that we DO NOT want search to perform like this: antispam, anti, spam autoprotect, auto, protect cleanwipe, clean, wipe database, data, base liveupdate, live, update tablespace, table, space How do we get the system to better understand these types of phrases when a space is used, without producing unwanted search results?