Unable to find articles in Search Results

  • Problem Statement

    What could be the possible reasons for not finding the article/s in the search results?

    Environment Production
    Reported product version Mamba'20
    Resolved in version Mamba'20
    Module Search Client


    Any of the below reasons is possible for an article not showing up in the search results:

    1. Incorrect Data Category Tagged- The article is not tagged to a data category correctly. Data categories can be assigned where an article is created.

    Missed Category.png

    1. Permission issues- User might not have the permission to access the article.
    2. Crawling issue- Article is not yet crawled and it's not available in the index. It happens when an article is newly published and crawling hasn't happened after this addition. It will not be available in the search index.
    3. Stopwords- Keywords used to search the particular article/s are included in stopwords section in SearchUnify Admin.
    4. Advanced Search is performed- # used before the search query. Example "And" operator. Search ends up with no results due to these operators.
    5. Exclude List- Articles are added in "exclude" list for the Search clients.
    6. Facet Selection- For the selected facets, article/s isn't available.

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