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    How to find the articles which were "Attach to Cases" by Support Agents, in SearchUnify Analytics for a particular search client?


    Reported product version Mamba '20
    Resolved in version Mamba'20
    Module Search Client


    Many a times, Support Agents end up sharing help articles/documents with the users from their support console while they are resolving cases. This report lists all those articles/documents which were found helpful by your agents and provides information about the cases to which these documents were attached.

    To access this report, you would need to navigate to Analytics settings under your Salesforce console type of search client and enable "Attached to Case" report. Then this report will start showing up under Search Analytics section.

    Follow the below steps to access "Attach to Case report":

    1. Go to Search Analytics from main navigation on the left.
    2. Move to Conversions tab
    3. Use Select Search Client to choose a search client from the filter present on the Menu Bar .
    4. Optional: Set a Date Range.
    5. Scroll down and Navigate to Attach to Case report.

    Note: This report is available for Salesforce Console Agents only. This report only captures articles attached to case in SearchUnify search console.

    attach to case - resized.png

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