Difference between normal search query and a query performed with quotes (" ")

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    What does a search query performed within quotations " " mean in the Search Analytics reports? How is it different from a normal search query?


    Reported Product Version Mamba 20
    Resolved in Version Mamba 20
    Module Search Analytics


    The search queries between quotes (" ") are the exact match searches.


    In normal practice (without quotations) if a user searches for the phrase Sap Recruitment, the search will focus on both 'Sap' and 'Recruitment' and produce results that have either of the words or both the words. The word order doesn’t have much of an influence because the results can contain 'sap recruitment', 'recruitment sap', and 'sap' alone.

    However, if a user encloses a query between double-quotes, for example: "Sap Recruitment, only the results with **'Sap Recruitment'**are returned.
    The exact match searches have a higher chance of going into the searches with no results category.

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