Irrelevant Search Results for similarly spelled search queries.

  • Problem Statement

    Search results include similarly spelled words to the search queries, that are not relevant.


    Search Results are showing results that are different in meaning but similarly spelled. As an example, when the search query is 'Community', results including words "communication" and "communicating" are also shown.

    Irrelevant Results.png


    Reported product version Mamba '20
    Resolved in version Mamba'20
    Category Search Client


    This happens sometimes because of Over Stemming at the time of search results retrieval.
    Stemming is a technique where words are reduced to their roots, for example - fishing, fisher, fished will be stemmed to the root word - fish, and will get the same results.

    In these scenarios, exceptions are added to the stemmer algorithms, we are in the process of allowing that via admin tool. Thus, admin will have control over such configurations. This is added to our Roadmap and it will be fixed very soon.

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