Filters in "Session Tracking Details" to Generate Reports with Particular Session Data

  • Environment

    Reported Version Mamba '20
    Resolved in version Colubridae '20
    Module Search Analytics


    1. Filtering out the sessions based on provided metrics; Searches, Clicks, Support Visit and Cases Logged.
    2. Filtering out the sessions for particular activity types to generate filtered report for particular sessions.
    3. Filtering out sessions using session ID and email ID details.


    1. The Session Tracking Details report offers filters on searches, clicks, support visits, case creation, and other metrics. Admins can use one or more filters to pull a list of sessions with specific activities.

    Filtering options

    1. Clicking on a session ID opens a dialog. The dialog lists the activities performed during that session. With the Activity Type filter, you can configure which activities are listed in the dialog. Options include "Text Searched", "Clicked search Results”, and several others.
      This filter allows admins to easily access the precise data instead of going over all the details. This data is available on the report for all sessions together, and for each session as well. The activities which are selected from this filter, are reflected in the session details on the UI as well as in the downloaded report.

    Activities Filter

    1. Colubridae ‘20 has added two search options in Session Tracking Details. Admins on C20 instance or a later version can find sessions by their ID or the email ID of the user who created it. They can also pull up session in which a particular keyword was search by looking up that keyword in the Text Box.

    Search options

    To perform a search, follow these steps:

    1. Click in the Text Box and type the text
    2. Select one from All text, Session Id and Email Id.
    3. Click Enter.
      The results in the session tracking details report will be filtered according to your search. Thereby, an admin can access the relevant sessions for a particular searched text, session ID and email ID.

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