Multiple Searches for a single keyword/query in a single user sessions

  • Problem Statement

    Why Search report in Analytics section shows mutiple searches for single keyword/query in a single user session?


    Environment Production
    Reported product version Colubridae 19
    Resolved in version Colubridae 19
    Module Search Analytics


    SearchUnify captures search counts in 2 ways: All searches and Unique searches.
    The numbers displayed in this report captures All search counts. Based on the search behavior of the users for the search queries, the count of Search for the same query get incremented and the search count for the same query becomes more than 1. The following search pattern can increase the search count for the same query in a single session:
    -> Searching for the same word again
    -> Selection/Removal of a facet
    -> Performing Advanced Search
    -> Using Pagination
    -> Changing Language of the Search client
    -> Changing search results sorting option
    -> Editing default settings for the search client
    -> Refreshing the page
    If any of the above action is performed by a user in a session for the same query, then the All Searches count will show increment in the Search Analytics report

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