Content Source crawling status and crawling logs

  • Problem Statement:

    1. How to find the number of documents crawled in a content source?
    2. How to find the crawling logs for the last crawling of a content source?
    3. How to manually start/stop crawling of a content source?
    4. How to setup Email notification Alert for Crawling Completion status of a content source?
    Environment Production
    Reported product version Mamba'20
    Resolved in version Mamba'20
    Module Alerts and Content Source


    1. Number of documents indexed in a content source, is shown up next to the name of the Content source (shown in the image)
    2. Crawling logs for the last crawl of a content source tab are accessible, on click of logs icon (shown in the image)
    3. Click on the Refresh icon to manually start and stop the crawling of a content source (shown in the image)


    1. Content source Indexing notifications are configurable from the Admin Panel. To set it up please follow these steps:
      a. Login into SearchUnify Admin Panel
      b. Navigate to "Alerts" section from the navigation list on the left
      c. Click on "Content Source Subscription" tab
      d. Click "Add Subscription Email", select the content source and enter the email ID to set the crawling alerts

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