Article Linkage Report

  • Problem Statement

    Which SU analytics report gives count of articles linked to a case?

    Environment Production
    Reported product version Mamba'20
    Resolved in version Mamba'20
    Module Search Analytics


    When you create an article from a case in KCS Helper, it will be saved as a draft in your salesforce knowledge article. The article will then have to be published through the Salesforce knowledge portal. Only articles created via SU KCS Helper will be included in below SU Analytics report.

    Following are the steps to view articles created for a case in SearchUnify Admin panel .

    1. Login SearchUnify Admin panel
    2. Click on Search Analytics
    3. Click on Content Gap Analysis and scroll down to bottom to find "KCS Articles" report


    Here in this report, you can track the number of articles created on a case.
    Click on count - Report will show the Article title, who created it and article creation date.


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