SearchUnify API Limits

  • SearchUnify relies on API usage limits to provide reliable, secure, and fast services to its clients.

    Limit Types

    The limits are of two kinds:

    1. Concurrent: How many calls an instance can make simultaneously or in a second.
    2. Total: How many calls an instance can make over a 24-hour period or a longer period.

    Limits on Users, Methods, and APIs

    Instances Have API Limits, Not Users

    An admin sharing an instance with others can singlehandedly exhaust all the allocated calls. Once the limit is hit in a period, an error message is returned for each new call from that instance during that period:


    Each API Has Its Own Limit

    Use limits are applied on APIs separately. It’s possible to consume your entire allocation of Search API for the day and still have calls left for Content API or Analytics API.

    Security > API Logs helps admins stay on top of API consumption. With Date Range and Select OAuth API Type filers, admins can find out the cumulative API calls made during a period and the calls made for a particular API during a period. (For more information, check out View API Logs )

    APIs Have Quotas, Not Methods

    It’s possible to consume the entire quota for an API using only one method. There are no limits of the kind, such as you can make only X calls from method A and Y calls from method B. Admins are free to decide how they want to use APIs.

    What Counts As a Call?

    Consumption of analytics API, content API, and/or search API through an OAuth app built in your SearchUnify instance counts towards calls.

    Any activity on a search client doesn’t exhaust the Search API quota.

    Limits Summary

    Content API

    Limit Value Type Note
    Content Sources 20 Total Add up to 20 content sources
    Documents 500,000/day Total New documents that can be pushed to an existing content source in a day. The max index size for a standard license user is 30GB.
    Bulk Upload 200 Concurrent New documents that can be pushed to the index simultaneously.

    Search API

    Limit Value Type Note
    Searches 300,000/month Total The daily limit is capped at 10,000/day.
    Searches 5/second Concurrent Multiple users making more than 5 calls cumulatively can expect a delay.

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