Problem Statement: Issues in generating access and refresh token while setting up SearchUnify API Environment Production Reported product version C20 Resolved in version C20 Module Developer Guide Causes: Username/password used is incorrect Client ID and Client Secret is not Base64 encoded. Scope of the user is none Breach of API limits Solution: The first step to use SearchUnify APIs is to generate an access and refresh token. To generate tokens please refer to While running a command to generate or refresh access token below things should be considered: Use the same username and password that you used to log into the SU admin portal. Client ID and Client Secret have to be base64 encoded. Follow the mentioned link for encoding data: While encoding, the combination of the Client ID and Client Secret has to be separated by ":" (Client ID: Client secret). Please see the below screenshot. User scope should be 'Analytics' in the admin panel. For more information on how to change the scope please refer to mentioned doc If the user gets an "API limit exceeded" exception, you can contact SearchUnify customer support for further analysis.