What Is Case Deflection?

  • A case deflection means different things to different teams and industries. This article explains case deflection from a support team’s perspective.

    For a support manager, a case is said to be deflected if a customer:

    1. Searches on the knowledge base, clicks a result, and doesn’t contact support
    2. Tries to contact support, finds a helpful articles, and doesn’t log a ticket
    3. The definition can be different for other industries.

    Two Stages of Case Deflection

    Stage One

    Generally organizations keep knowledge bases searchable and open to their customers, so that the customers can help themselves before calling support. In many cases the approach works. Search proves useful and customers find answers and never call support . This is called Stage 1 Deflection, highlighted in blue.


    Term Definition
    Total Sessions Total number of sessions
    Search Sessions The sessions in which at least one search was performed.
    Click Sessions Search sessions in which at least one result was clicked.
    No Click Sessions Search sessions in which no result was clicked.
    Support Sessions Sessions in which at least there was at least one visit to the page defined in the Support Page URL.
    No Search Sessions Sessions in which a user didn’t run any search.
    Exit The number of sessions ended.

    Formula for Stage 1 Deflection


    In the figure above, there are 106 sessions.

    In 42 sessions, a user searches.

    In 14 sessions, the user searches and clicks a result

    In 4 sessions, the user visits the Support Page after searching and clicking a result.

    In 10 sessions, the user doesn’t visit the Support Page after searching and clicking a result

    So according to our formula

    It can be rounded off to 24%, which you see in the image above.

    Stage 2

    In the few scenarios when the customers cannot find help, they usually go to a contact support page to raise a ticket or get in touch with a support agent. On the contact support page, SearchUnify suggests relevant search results when a user starts creating a case. If a customer finds a link and leaves, then this is called Stage 2 Deflection. In the above picture path highlighted in blue is stage 2 deflection.

    Related Enable Case Two Stage Deflection


    Term Definition
    Case Creation Sessions Sessions in which at least one case was logged.

    Formula for Stage 2 Deflection

    Example In the above figure,

    There are 20 Support sessions.

    In 4 sessions, users perform a search and click on a result.

    In 3 sessions, users leave the Support Page without submitting a case (after searching and clicking a result), as highlighted in the journey. So according to our formula:

    Rounding off 42.85% gives us 43%, which is what can be seen in the equation.

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