SearchUnify Admin portal login issues

  • Problem Statement

    -Unable to login into the SearchUnify Admin portal.
    -Not getting OTP while trying to reset the user password.

    Environment Production
    Reported product version C'20
    Resolved in version C'20
    Module Searchunify Admin Panel


    Unable to login into SearchUnify Admin portal

    1. Multiple failed attempts
    2. Login attempts using the wrong username
    3. Using different username/email from the one that is entered on the "Forgot your password" page
    4. Cached login credentials

    Not getting OTP when trying to reset password

    1. The password emails are landing in the spam folder.
    2. If a user resets the password once through OTP, he/she can request the password reset OTP again only after 1 hour.
    3. System is under maintenance or being upgraded to the latest security patch.


    Unable to login into SearchUnify Admin portal

    1. More than 3 failed login attempts will lock the SU Admin Panel for 1 hour. During this time user will not be able to login using an old or new password. Please contact for any urgent requests in this scenario.
    2. SU Admin Panel uses your Email as a username to log in. Make sure to use the correct username.
    3. Your account Username/Email should match the Email that you enter on the "Forgot your Password" page. Make sure messages from are not considered spam by your email services provider.
    4. Please make sure to clear the cache before trying to login using the new credentials.

    Not getting OTP when trying to reset password

    1. Please make sure OTPs are not received in your spam folder.
    2. If you have already tried once to reset your password, please wait for at least 1 hour for OTP to arrive in your mailbox.
    3. Please check with your CSM on the maintenance and upgrade schedule.

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