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  • How can I get a thumdnail displayed for search results? I seem to recall seeing thumbnails displayed for YouTube results but I'm no longer seeing it. Is this still available in Mamba 20?

  • @vishals Thanks. Actually we upgraded to Colubridae20 recently.

    YouTube thumbnails are currently not displayed. Let me check the HTML element and see if it has been changed..

  • @lnelson_delphix FYI: The HTML element responsible for showing the thumbnails is a div with the following class:
    Let me know if you need more information.

  • @lnelson_delphix By default, the thumbnails are visible for the YouTube content source. Are there any customizations done from the search clients side? Please make sure that the HTML element showing the thumbnail on the frontend is available and there's no customized CSS written which is respnosible of hiding it.

  • @lnelson_delphix I think the thumbnails on youtube content source renders by default in search results. For other content sources, you'll have to help your implementation team identify the field to be used for the thumbnail path.
    Are you running Mamba20 or the latest Colubridae20 version?

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