What Is Case Analytics?

  • Although I keep hearing about this feature called Case Analytics, I still cannot wrap my head around it. Can someone help me understand what Case Analytics is and how it is different from Admin Reports?

  • Hi,

    Few users log into a customer community and create a case straightaway. For a lot of them, the norm is to try to find help in official documentation and company forums first. Only when self-help fails, do they turn to creating a case.

    Case Analytics records user journey from the time a user logs in until the time they create a case. The user journey log is attached with the case to provide a context to support reps.

    As for March 2019, Case Analytics is available only in Salesforce. The log is attached to the Case Details component.

    Admin Reports are a different species altogether. They are a vital tool for community managers who need hard numbers to decide the direction their community should take. They provide essential statistics, such as top searches, top performing content, and the case deflection rate.

    To sum up:

    Case Analytics logs user journey and is for support reps.
    Admin Reports collects search data and is for community managers.

    Hope it helps!

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