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    How can I configure multiple knowledge article templates with different headers and fields so that a support agent is able to create an article by selecting an article template in SU KCS Helper?

    Environment Production
    Reported product version C'20
    Resolved in version C'20
    Module Search Client


    Multiple KCS Article templates can be configured by following the steps below:

    1. Log into Salesforce org and in "Setup", navigate to "knowledge article type" section. Page will display existing knowledge article types


    1. If you want to create a new article type, then click on "New article type" and add multiple fields before saving it.
    2. Once multiple article types have been created in your Salesforce org, map Article fields with Salesforce case form fields. This will help support agents to auto populate fields while creating new KCS articles using SU KCS Helper.
    3. To map Article and Salesforce Case form fields, navigate to "KCS Support" option under a "Search Client" and click on "Add New Mapping".


    1. Enter Article Object API Name which is generally in the format <Salesforce Article Object Name>__kav.
    2. In the new dialog box, Map the article fields with the case form fields and select the label and section.


    1. Log into Salesforce service console, navigate to "KCS Helper" and click on the "Create new Article". You will be presented with multiple article types from which you can create an article.


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