Content Sources Authentication — Cheat Sheet

  • A quick cheat sheet to help you prepare beforehand if you are planning to index multiple content sources.

    No Auth

    No content source privileges are needed, apart from the content source's URL. Select it to crawl public content.

    Basic Auth

    Indexes the data available to the user whose username and password are entered. Admins can either enter the credentials on the screen or in the pop-up window which appears when you click Connect.

    OAuth and Others

    High security authentication for some content sources, such as Khoros (Lithium) communities, Higher Logic communities, and ServiceNow. Usually requires an API token or the client ID and client password of an app.

    In this chart, you can map content sources with available authentication methods.

    Content Source No Auth Basic Auth OAuth or Others
    API Yes Yes No
    Azure DevOps No No Yes; Personal Access Token (PAT)
    Box No Yes No
    Confluence No Yes Yes; OAuth
    Docebo No No Yes; client ID and client secret
    Dropbox No Yes No
    GitHub No No Yes
    Google Drive No Yes No
    Helpscout No No Yes; API keys
    Higher Logic No No Yes; Username, password, and HLIAM key
    Jira Yes Yes Yes; OAuth
    Jira On-Premises No No Yes
    Jive No No Yes; client ID and client secret
    Lithium Yes No Yes; (1) Community User details and HTAccess; (2) API User details and HTAccess; (3) OAuth
    Litmos No No Yes; API key
    MadCap Flare No No Yes
    Marketo No No Yes; client ID and secret
    Microsoft Dynamics No No Yes; client ID, tenant ID, and client secret
    Mindtouch No Yes No
    Moodle No No Yes
    Saba No Yes No
    Salesforce No Yes No
    ServiceNow No Yes Yes; OAuth
    SharePoint No Yes No
    SkillJar No No Yes; API key
    Slack No Yes No
    SOLR Yes No No
    StackOverflow Yes No Yes; OAuth
    Vimeo No Yes No
    Website Yes Yes Yes; Form
    YouTube No Yes No
    Zendesk Yes Yes Yes; OAuth
    Zoomin Yes No No

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