Is it possible to allow users to initiate an advanced search using hashtag (#) without a space? For example,: #"my search string" #<SPACE>"my search string" While the number is small, we have a number of searches where users don't include a space, which sometimes produces different results, as shown below: #"how to configure * agent" - 10 results WITH a space vs 115 results WITHOUT a space #"how to configure * apm" - 4 results WITH a space vs 32 results WITHOUT a space #"maximum number of connections" - 628 results WITH a space vs 1189 results WITHOUT a space #" sqlcode = -438" - 72 results WITH a space vs 135 results WITHOUT a space At this time, I mainly see this being an issue when performing an exact match search without a space. That is, most other searches work the same with or without a space, but we do sometimes see a one result difference, such as: #"install" - 132967 results WITH a space vs 132968 results WITHOUT a space #oom wily agent core - 157183 WITH a space vs 157184 results WITHOUT a space