How are Summaries displayed?

  • When you choose fields to be shown in the Summary; how exactly does it work?

    1. Where is the limit of characters displayed (is there a default of characters and how do you override)?
    2. Is it suppose to show all the data from each filed? (i.e. all from field 1, then has 300 chars left so it goes to the next field until it hits the limit?)
    3. What controls the order the fields will be displayed? by the order that you tick them for summary???

  • @ChristieJoy you need to check with your implementation team or you should log a support ticket for the same. I think there is no UI present in the admin panel to limit characters count.

  • @manpreets - thanks for the quick reply!
    We are showing 700 characters from 2 fields chosen; so where is that being set exactly as it's above the default 100 you mentioned should be shown from each field resulting in 200 characters?

  • Hey @ChristieJoy ,
    To show summary under title in the search results, SU consider following approaches.
    Summary should contains data from the fields that has highlight snippets with fragment size of 250 characters. if there are 3-4 fragment around a specific keyword in a filed then it will only allow you to show 100 characters of first fragment. and then combine 2nd fragment but it will loose last fragment if size shoots to 250 characters.
    Now if there is not an highlighted snippet in the summary fields then it will show first 100 characters from each field those who are selected under summary from SU admin panel.
    Order of the summary field can be controlled from search client in the admin panel. there is an option to set order for the same. check link below

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