What to look forward in Mamba 21?

  • Now that Mamba 21 is out, there is all the more reason to create more engaging search experiences. Where would you suggest me to start? For instance, your favorite feature or update of the release.

  • @bharat Yes, really cool user interface updates coming up in Mamba21. Most interesting features for me are the expansion in the search results formula settings which gives complete control over what results should be shown to users. Not just that but I think a lot of other features as well that I would really like to explore more namely - Escalation Predictor, Deflection Trend report and Average click position trend.

  • @manpreets This will really help our existing customers and their customers to find relevant content.

  • Looking forward for case escalation prediction model to procrastinate cases before they turn into bad customer experience and high churn.

  • Now get indulge in best of its kind of boosting document mechanism. Upcoming boosting feature allows you to do boost on keyword as well as on regex queries. You can check what are the previously boosted documents even if they get deleted from the index as well. You can find previously used boosted keywords with simple search mechanism. I hope this personalised boosting will make impact to find relative content. Stay Boost yourself and boost the content 🙂

  • Best time of the year! For me, it's the whole new level of admin access control and remarkable user interface that makes it a brilliant fresh version of SearchUnify. Another sneak peek - we're taking the search performance up by leaps and bounds. Stay tuned!

  • Congratulations to the team - eagerly waiting for release to be pushed out - can see several exciting features and apps.

  • It’s that time of the year when our users get new features to play with and improved UI.
    The updates in Mamba '21 span the entire gamut of Search Powered Applications built on top of the SearchUnify platform. There is something for everyone: The Escalation Prediction app for support teams, new analytics reports for content teams, tile view for end-users, and Synonyms 3.0 for existing admins.

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