Using the + operator for advanced searching

  • In the documentation at, it says the following:

    • Limits the search to documents that contain the term or phrase following +.

    When I perform the following search, I would expect the exact phrase "removal tool," based on documentation.

    # cleanwipe +removal tool

    Instead, I am seeing results that perform as if the +removal tool is simply using AND operator instead of the exact phrase "removal tool" (e.g. "removal" and "tool" can be far apart from each other), and then other results in the same query that don't have some of the words (e.g. some results are missing the word "tool" in the entire article/page content).

    Can you provide clarity around this operator?

  • Thank you.

  • @jshenricks, you observed it right. + operator is here for adding the value of MUST in the query. By adding more than one words after + will give preference to AND first and then to OR because whitespace character between the words would act as a tokenizer in search algorithm.

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