Private Group post is shown to all users

  • Problem Statement

    Why are the posts from the private groups shown to all the users?

    Environment Production
    Reported product version C'20
    Resolved in version C'20
    Module Search Client


    1. The "Privacy Status" of the group is not set to hidden.
    2. Formula defined for private discussions in SearchClient is not correct
    3. The group has been moved from public to private and no recrawl is done


    Please ensure:

    1. The "Privacy Status" of the group is set to ‘hidden’ in order to exclude indexing of such groups by SearchUnify crawlers.
    2. If a formula defined to filter private discussions contains nested navigational topics, then it will display all the content to all the users as SearchUnify currently only supports navigational topics on discussions.
    3. As most of the feed items in a discussion group are tagged to visibility, you need to recrawl the data to filter out the private content.

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