Duplicate Search Results

  • Problem Statement:

    Why are duplicate search results coming?

    Environment Production
    Reported product version C'20
    Resolved in version C'20
    Module Search Client


    1. Duplicate content sources (same content is present in multiple content sources).
    2. Updated the crawling configuration that returned the same articles with http:// and https:// protocols.
    3. Updated the title of an article and have not yet published the article.


    1. Remove the duplicate content from one of the content repositories. In case any dummy content source is added that contains duplicate content, it can be removed by the following steps-
      a) Login to SU Admin panel
      b) Go to Content Sources
      c) Click on the delete option to remove the content source

    2. If the crawling configuration is updated and it is returning duplicate articles with http:// and https:// protocols, you can filter out results so that only articles either from http:// or https:// are shown. To know more on how to filter results using the "Create Formula" method please refer: https://docs.searchunify.com/Content/Search-Clients/Create-Formula.htm

    3. If the title of an article is changed and crawlers are crawling both draft and published articles, search results will display both the articles with different article states.

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