Excluding terms or phrases from conversion rate

  • As part of our effort to improve conversions, I'm curious if we can exclude certain phrases that unncessarily impact the conversion rate.

    For example, these searches in our top 50 "Searches With No Clicks" are too generic or vague, and it's not a surprise that we'd see a large number of zero clicks unless the user refines that query. By itself, the product Symantec Endpoint Protection really skews results.

    • symantec endpoint protection - product name
    • endpoint protection - product name
    • symantec - company/division name
    • endpoint - too generic
    • symantec endpoint - product name
    • ghost - product name
    • norton - old symantec division name
    • liveupdate - product technology, too vague
    • endpoint protection cloud - product name
    • symantec messaging gateway - product name
    • symantec email security.cloud - product name

    Because these searches occur at such a high rate, it'll be difficult to see actual improvements based on conversion rate.

  • Certainly, we have a product roadmap and we also add suggested ideas to it when we receive them. To track these ideas in the Community, we've planned a dashboard view where all the ideas will be listed. It will give a holistic view of all your ideas along with the progress updates for easy tracking. But this dashboard integration can take some time to happen. I suggest that let's not wait for it. We can connect some time and discuss about your use case, the ideas which you've posted and I'll ensure we have everything included in our roadmap.

  • Thank you. Do you have a product roadmap where customers can track upcoming features and timelines?

  • @jshenricks We can provide Admin with an option to add certain keywords which shall not be considered in Search analytics for #searches, #clicks, conversion and all other analytics. These keywords shall not be used for Key analytics metrics as well as search reports like "Searches With No Clicks", "Searches With Clicks" etc. giving specific search queries information to the Admin which needs your more attention

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