Typeahead dramatically skews search analytics

  • Hi,

    As I'm looking into what's driving searches with no results, I often find myself focusing on a subject that originally seems like I should prioritize it, but is actually a result of a problem with reporting. Specifically, the typeahead is seriously skewing results.

    For example, the table below looks like there are 17 searches without results, but there are actually only 4.

    I see this problem occur most frequently in the source for our case management portal, which is bringing down our conversation rates, but it affects all sources.


    Also, it's really odd that for the search that starts with "unable to see the new date ov...", it shows 3 Users, Sessions, and Counts, but then drops as the user continues typing. This appears to be a single user because they misspelled "of" as "ov", so why is this changing, and how does this impact numbers overall?

  • Hello, we have an update from Implementation team to share. The aforementioned search tracking behavior for analytics has been fixed and send back for review with your team. I hope it works as expected now. Please review it and confirm to the team. Thanks for your patience!

  • Hello @jshenricks Looking at the keywords recorded in the analytics, it seems to me like an implementation bug. Searched keyword doesn't get stored in Analytics for the typeahead queries unless they are clicked. This really isn't good. I am escalating this incorrect tracking behavior to our implementation and support team to prioritize this fix and resolve it quickly.

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