Allow users to save filter settings

  • Many of our users have common filters they leverage for most searches. The most common example is a language filter (i.e. our English speaking users filter to English content, our Japanese speaking users filter to Japanese content).
    Our users would like the ability to save filter settings so that when they open the SearchUnify tool the saved filters are already applied and they do not need to select them every time.

  • @lynette-ledoux we can definitely look into enhancements that you are suggesting. Allow us some time to review it with our product team. Will keep you posted.

  • @Esha I get that, but it would be a better customer experience if there were a more obvious and official way to set filters. Bookmarking the filtered search page feels like a workaround and is difficult to communicate to customers.

  • @lynette-ledoux Bookmarks is not limited to internal users only. Any user who can access the search page would be able to bookmark the searches for later use.

  • If I'm understanding the discussion around this idea and the related one that @Christie linked to, the bookmarking workaround is for internal users of SearchUnify. I'd like our customers in our support community to be able to save filter selections, and to be able to do so from an obvious call-out on the SearchUnify Search page. The saved filters should persist across all sessions, being removed or refreshed only if customers change them themselves.

  • @cpegram Awesome- an easy one! Happy to help and welcome to the journey!

  • @Christie - Thank you so much for your response. I don't know how I missed that bookmarks could be used in this way!
    This absolutely meets the needs of our users, and solves the problem 🙂

  • Hello @cpegram ,

    The way I understand this is if you are using the client as is (see and select Enterprise Software and then type in the word testing), you can enable Bookmarks that will do this easily. Even if you didn't enable bookmarks you could possibly copy/paste URLS to get to default behaviors.

    Also there is more "formal" information from SearchUnify on this in this post:

    If you are embedding the search client (i.e. into an frame of an application), then this is not possible at this time (note: I imagine with money anything is possible 🙂 ) Here is a screenshot of how we have embedded it into our client. As you can see there is no URL to copy/paste nor can bookmarks be used.

    Hope this helps, if you want to chat more, please let me know.
    Happy New year,

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