Incorrect or missing language tag

  • Problem Statement:

    1. Why some of the documents are tagged as French in SearchUnify results when they are written and published in the English language?
    2. Users are not able to filter few articles based on language? When they select a language filter, corresponding articles are not shown in the search results?
    3. Why is the language filter for our doc site not coming?
    Environment Production
    Reported product version M'21
    Resolved in version M'21
    Module Search Client


    1. Content in the community is tagged to the French language.

    2. Articles are missing language metadata or not tagged to the correct language metadata.

    3. Language metadata information of the articles is not crawled


    1. Please check if the content present in your community is in the English language and not in the French language. SearchUnify crawlers use REST APIs to fetch content from different communities. Please click here to understand how to configure metadata for search results.

    2. If few articles are missing for a given language filter, please check whether articles are tagged and crawled with correct language metadata. For other causes of missing articles in the search result, please click here

    3. Make sure crawling is not stuck and all the content with correct language metadata is crawled. Also, make sure the language filter is not hidden in the SU admin panel.

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