• Hi SU team,

    Another suggestion by one of our team members is to have a smart filter experience and have ability to only makes these filters visible that are used the most and hide others.


  • Hi @sumit-aggarwal @ss19ss82

    A few things I'd like to mention; by using the page edit option, there would be control over the facets but not on filters within them (correct me, if I am wrong). However, this control is required with the filters e.g As Sonali mentioned to show the top used filters only and give an option to show less no. of filters as well.

    Secondly, this ask has been envisioned from SU Console experience for the Support agents, so probably Admin configurational control would be better.


  • @sumit-aggarwal I will touch base with Amandeep to understand this better. Thank you for sharing this link.


  • @ss19ss82 Also refer to this post and discussion there https://community.searchunify.com/topic/297/selecting-more-than-one-default-tab-and-custom-facets/6 This is a similar idea posted in our community where our other search evangelists have proposed multiple suggestions and guided teams across different stages of the search journey.

  • @ss19ss82 Hi, I am not sure if you have noticed this option or not. We already provide an option to the end user to select the default filters to show up on the search client. This is personalization to the end user level. This configuration is not available for the content sources yet, but it certainly exists for selecting filters which your users can use.
    Here's the documentation link for your reference: https://docs.searchunify.com/Content/End-User-Personalization/Hide-Facet-Categories.htm


  • @sumit-aggarwal thats what I have been thinking of. We can also use "Customize search" option for search client where we provide users with the ability to select/unselect facets that is not often used by them. what do you suggest?

  • @sumit-aggarwal Here is the update from engineer who had suggested this idea - Yes, if it is intuitive to use and we are educated and there's easy to follow documentation to help us do our own custom filters, that would be a great feature; so each person in their respective departments in our Org can do what's best for them. I agree with that proposal.

  • Hey @ss19ss82 There could be another simpler way to handle this if you think end users would be able to do some settings for themselves. What if we provide them the option to select their content sources and facets on the search client? They get all the power to personalize their search experience with whatever they want to see. This could be another way to look at this problem. Catch here is that the end users need to be educated of the available options for the search client personalization.

  • Hi @sumit-aggarwal yes that would be a great idea too. Or we could keep filters that are not used frequently hidden and they will appear as they are used. Users can always view hidden filters like you mentioned.


  • Hi @ss19ss82 Sounds like a good idea to only show filters which are mostly used by end users and they end up finding their desired results from those filter selections.
    But I am thinking about the down side of this. What would happen if some new content source is added. In such a case, smart filters will not show up some filters based on the 'most used' filters logic as there won't be any selections made in the past. And for new users landing on the search page or users with specific requirement who may have tried to select a filter which would be then hidden, then it may not give a good experience to narrow down the search results.
    Maybe we can show the smart filtering options as default and give an option to extend the other filters rather than completely taking it off. Also some level of control shall also be provided to Admin before hiding any of the filters. At some point Admin might want to override the suggested filters based on the mechanism to be used for building a smart filtering experience. What are your thoughts?

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