• Can SearchUnify handle proximity searches? For example, queries like "install endpoint protection" return 11775 results total, 2272 in our Knowledge Base. The only way we're able to properly address this is to create individual boosted articles, which just isn't feasible for the vast number of products we have.

    Previously, we asked a similar question as part of the following post about NEAR/NEXT operators, but ideally we'd like to see proximity-based search as a Custom Boosting option.


  • Hi @jshenricks Our current search algorithm already factors in some of the parameters which are used in the proximity search like the number of matched words in a returned document, their frequency, the number of documents found with the matched words in a query etc. But we would need to include some additional factors for proximity search. And to make it configurable from the Admin panel, we will lookback to see how we can control them for content boosting purposes. Since proximity search will overturn the impact of Auto and Manual applied boosting on the content, we plan to do a proof-of-concept first and try out the different ways to handle its impact in our search algorithms.
    We would like to review the same experience in some of our reference customer sandboxes to ensure the processing of the desired search results in the top searched results. We will update you on the proceedings here. Thank you!

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