Fields for mapping are not shown up in KCS Support Console on admin panel

  • A customer is trying to set up a KCS Support Console and has already added Salesforce "Article Object API" i.e. "lightning__kav" in SU Admin panel under Search client(SF console) > KCS. However, the fields to map are not being shown as per the configuration steps of KCS Support Console.

    No Fiels to Map in KCS Console


    Customer Platform Salesforce Sandbox
    SU Platform Colubridae 19
    SU Component Addons > KCS Support Console
    Logged 03 September, 2019 10:28 PM
    Resolved in Colubridae 19???


    Insufficient permissions for Salesforce users to map fields in KCS.

    The SearchUnify admin who authenticated Salesforce as a content source is not a Knowledge User in Salesforce.


    For mapping KCS fields in the SearchUnify admin panel, please ensure that you are also a Knowledge User in Salesforce.

    Setting up the user as knowledge user in SF org resolves this problem.

    How to become a Knowledge User?

    1. Log into your Salesforce org.
    2. Find Knowledge Settings from Quick Find Box and click Edit.
    3. Check Enable Lightning Knowledge (if it's not checked) and click Save.

    You can map only Knowledge Article fields.


    For: Customers, Partners, Domain Users, Agents


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