Identifying users in the Searches With No Result report


    Is there a way to display user emails instead of session IDs in the Searches With No Result report? Our company is attempting to better understand customer journeys and search habits, so we can refine their searching criteria and contact them through email.

    Searches With No Result


    Customer Platform Salesforce
    SU Platform Colubridae '19
    SU Component Addons > Email Tracking
    Logged ???
    Resolved In ???


    Enable the Email Tracking addon.

    The addon enables you to map search session IDs with emails. Once it has been installed on your instance, you can identify users in Session tracking Report, Searches With No Click, and other reports in Search Analytics.

    To install the addon,

    1. Log into your SearchUnify instance.
    2. Navigate to Addons.
    3. Click Add New SearchUnify Addon.
    4. Click Install to download Email Tracking.

    You can also find installation instructions on the official documentation center: Map User IDs with Emails

    Please note that this feature only works for gated communities; communities which require the user to login with an email ID and password.
    Email Tracking is disabled to comply with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We recommend turning it on if you have your customers' or search client users' explicit consent to collect their data.


    For: Customers, Partners, Domain Users, Agents

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