How to add or delete a SearchUnify admin or moderator?

  • Add a User

    To add or delete a user in your SearchUnify admin console, carry out the following steps.

    1. Log into your instance and navigate to Manage Users.
    2. Click Invite New User.
    3. A dialog will open. Enter the new user's email ID (User Email) and their role (User Role).
    4. Click Send.

    The user will receive an email. Ask them to click the link and follow the instructions.

    A help article with images on adding users can be found on Add a User.

    Delete a User

    To delete a user, log into your instance and then:

    1. Naviage to Manage Users and click Admin Users.
    2. Click delete in the Action column.

    A help article with images on deleting users can be found on Delete a User.


    Instance Details
    SearchUnify Version Mamba 20 or later versions
    SearchUnify Module Manage Users

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