Are you planning on changing the search behavior to ignore the order of words?


    How does a change in the order of the keywords affects search results while performing search? For example, search "Automation Upgrade" vs "Upgrade Automation"


    Reported Product version Colubridae 19
    Category Search Client
    Created Date 18 Oct 2019 10:06 PM


    There are certain expected behaviors of search that any development or code can unfortunately not counter. SearchUnify brings up expected search results with multiple keyword pairs when a search is performed.

    For example:
    Scenario 1 - When we search the word 'Automation Upgrade' these are the first five results we receive.

    Scenario 2 - When we search the word 'Upgrade Automation' these are the first five results we receive.

    What we observe here is that apart from the first link appearing on the top, all the lower four results have changed by reversing the position of the words. This is the default search behavior of any search engine. The first result has been correctly placed on the top by doing heavy SEO and keyword tuning for both these words. We can do the same in our Admin Panel by tuning articles for some such pairs of words so that the most relevant results show up even if the order of the words is reversed.


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