Same keywords are tracked in both SearchUnify "Searches with top results" and "Searches with no results" report


    A customer saw a keyword in both "Searches with top results" and "Searches with no results" reports. For example, when the keyword "medicare billing" was searched.


    Reported Product Version Colubridae 19
    Resolved in Version Mamba 20
    Category Analytics
    Created 30 Jul 2019 07:54 PM


    There are a few scenarios in which a similar situation can arise. For example, when the keyword is "medicare billing".

    1. User searches for a keyword "XYZ" with a few filters. Later the same user searches for another keyword "medicare billing" without removing the previously added filters. In this case, there may be no result because a there is no match as per the selected filters. When the filters are removed, the results will appear. Please check the attached screenshots
      1.1. In first screenshot we can see "medicare billing" in the No Results Found report.
      1.2. The second screenshot shows that we have selected some filters and the search for "medicare billing" shows results.
      1.3 The third screenshot shows that we have removed the selected filters and the search for "medicare billing" shows results.
    2. If we search any "keyword" with some advanced search options which don't match then the "keyword" is classified as without result search. Attached screenshot for advanced search option.


    We have added more details in "Search with No Results" report explaining the reason for no results. For example, no permissions and wrong user type etc. The details are available in SearchUnify since the Mamba 20 release.

    We do have the options to track the filters selected at time of search was performed for a particular keyword in admin panel.

    1. Go to Search Analytics and navigate to Searches with No Results.
    2. Click any number in the Sessions column.
    3. Click your Session ID.
    4. In the dialog that opens, click More Details.
    5. If you can see any facet in the Facet Value column, then it means results were not found because the selected facet narrowed the scope of search massively.


    For: Customers, Partners, Domain Users, Agents

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