Community Guidelines

Meaningful interactions with our customers, partners, and employees are the foundation for the shared success of the SearchUnify Community. The primary objective of this online community is to create a place that propels support, best practices, peer-to-peer connections, and ideation for helping customers make the most of our unified cognitive platform. But before we leverage the insights and opportunities that the SearchUnify Community unlocks, it is crucial to take note of some participation guidelines to ensure it remains a safe haven for all members.

Honest and Relevant Conversations

To squeeze the most out of the collaborative nature of the community, SearchUnify encourages members to participate as their authentic selves as opposed to disguising themselves under a pseudonym. Additionally, ensure that the contributions are pertinent to the mission of the community and to the specific topics.


Respect Everyone Equally

Each community member ought to have distinctive views. Hence, it’s imperative to respect them by keeping the tone positive and comments constructive. Please refrain from using defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, and offensive words that could disparage other community members.

Safeguarding Personal Information

Protecting the privacy of members is at the forefront of SearchUnify’s ethos. Hence, we advise all the members to err on the side of caution and abstain from sharing confidential information about themselves or their organization.


Legal Responsibility

Be wary of the content you post on the SearchUnify community. You will be legally liable for the content you submit.

No Sharing of False or Misleading Information

The proliferation of fake news or doctored narratives can be damaging, malicious, and even dangerous. Hence, it’s important that our community members steer clear of posting information that is false or misleading. SearchUnify holds the right to remove content if we believe the spread of such information could cause serious harm to the community members.


Do Not Engage in or Promote any Illegal Behavior

The community members must refrain from engaging in illegal activities including, but not limited to, content that promotes dangerous acts or facilitates the promotion and sale of illegal drugs. SearchUnify will remove such content and take action, which may include terminating or disabling accounts and reporting it to appropriate authorities.

No Wheeling and Dealing

SearchUnify encourages sharing information that empowers members or as long as it’s relevant to the conversation. However, the community is primarily a place to render support and peer-to-peer connections, not a destination to prospect and advertise. In a bid to keep the community spam-free, our moderators shall put a kibosh on any unsolicited promotion.


Do Not Harass or Discriminate

SearchUnify is committed to providing a community experience that values diversity amongst its members. Our community policies prohibit disparate treatment of members or passing derogatory comments based on age, race, gender, or ethnic characteristics and unwelcome sexual advances or comments.

How to Make the Most of SearchUnify Community

Complete Your Profile

A fully updated profile enables users to better connect and build their network. To complete your profile, start by uploading your picture and adding basic background details like experience and industry. You can go a step ahead by linking your social handles as well.

User Search

SearchUnify leverages cognitive technology to integrate multiple content sources including knowledge articles, documentation, answers, and discussions, thus enabling the users to find content by running a single search and guaranteeing relevance and personalization at scale.

Start a Discussion

Post your queries or questions on the SearchUnify Community where users, partners, and experts can assist you in solving your predicament. Additionally, if you find a contribution valuable, we encourage you to give it a like or accept/pin/upvote it as the solution to your problem.

Create An Idea

As a member of the community, users can share ideas on how to further improve the product or features. Alternatively, they can submit feature enhancement requests and help us improve the SearchUnify experience as much as possible.

Access the Video Library

Another interesting bit that the community offers is ‘how-tos’ for all the members. Our team creates byte-sized videos to impart knowledge for a single problem, task, or query that can be assimilated within minutes. Doing so empowers the community champions to simplify their SearchUnify experience.

Manage Your Notifications

SearchUnify let's you keep a pulse in real-time on all things tech and customer service with its distinguished feature of subscribing to category notifications individually. Doing so makes a delightful experience for users who get notified each time something is posted on the community. So go on, hit the the subscribe button!